Fancy Coloured Sapphires

A collection of fancy coloured sapphires from a variety of sources. These sapphires are both heated and unheated.

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Untreated 'Plumb Red' Sapphire (Madagascar)

A stunning 'plumb red' untreated oval shaped sapphire from Mozambique weighing 2.75 carats.

£1,980.00 Ex Tax: £1,650.00

Untreated Yellow Sapphire (Madagascar)

A bright untreated pastel yellow coloured sapphire from Madagascar weighing 1.63 carats.

£396.00 Ex Tax: £330.00

Untreated Fancy Sapphire (Madagascar)

A stunning purple / pink coloured untreated sapphire, loupe clean and no windows. This stone weighs 2.12 cts.

£3,561.60 Ex Tax: £2,968.00

Untreated Fancy Sapphire (Madagascar)

Bright, lively, untreated pinkish fancy sapphire, not strictly speaking 'Padparadscha' colour but not far off. This stone weighs 2.07 carats.

£3,974.40 Ex Tax: £3,312.00

Untreated Fancy Sapphire (Madagascar)

A bright, clean, untreated, unusual salmon-pink coloured sapphire weighing 3.06 carats.

£5,875.20 Ex Tax: £4,896.00

Untreated Teal-Green Sapphire (Madagascar)

A bright clean teal-green untreated sapphire weighing 4.06 carats.

£1,948.80 Ex Tax: £1,624.00

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