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Apsara Presents Fine Quality Unheated / Untreated Rubies, Sapphires & Coloured Gemstones


Gem dealers based in Hatton Garden, London, specialising in loose coloured gemstones.


              Unheated Rubies          Untreated Blue Sappphires           Unheated Orange & Yellow Sapphires          Unheated Purple Sapphires         Red & Pink Spinels



              Fancy Coloured Spinels          Green Tourmalines           Pink Tourmalines          Tsavorite Garnets         Spessartite Garnets



              Unheated Fancy Coloured Sapphires          Blue Sapphires (Heated)           Unheated Pink Sapphire          Andradite Garnets          Blue Tourmalines



              Zircon          Mali Garnets           Bi-Coloured Tourmalines          Yellow Tourmalines          Previously Sold Stones





  • We offer a wide selection of untreated / unheated natural rubies and sapphires.
  • We also stock spinels, emeralds, tourmalines, demantoids, spessartites, mali garnets, tanzanites plus many other coloured gems.
  • Over 30 year's experience trading in coloured gemstones.
  • All gems are checked by a fully qualified Gemmologist.
  • Full money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.
  • Secure fully encrypted website for your peace of mind.
  • We don't sell glass filled gems, synthetics, imitation gems or low quality cheap jewellery.
  • All items on this site are in our own stock and are available for immediate delivery.
  • Free shipping on all goods within the UK.
  • Buy gems online!


 Feel free to contact us for all ruby, sapphire and other loose gemstone enquiries. Trade enquiries are welcome.

 Viewings by appointment in Hatton Garden, London.




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